What Content Marketing Tactics Have Driven Substantial Traffic to SaaS Platforms?

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    What Content Marketing Tactics Have Driven Substantial Traffic to SaaS Platforms?

    In the dynamic world of SaaS, content marketing can be a game-changer for driving traffic and growth. From leveraging sales team insights to highlighting customer success stories, we've compiled six effective strategies shared by top professionals, including CEOs and Content Marketers. Discover how these tactics have made a significant impact on their platforms.

    • Leverage Sales Team Insights
    • Craft In-Depth Solution Guides
    • Educate with 'No-Sale' Content
    • Boost Traffic via Guest Blogging
    • Target Emerging Keywords
    • Highlight Customer Success Stories

    Leverage Sales Team Insights

    To drive substantial traffic to a SaaS platform, one effective content marketing tactic is to create long-form content based on sales and business development findings, rather than solely focusing on industry-related subjects. While businesses can certainly leverage SEO, SEM, and paid social with a traffic objective, an alternative approach that has yielded great results is collaborating with the sales team. By extracting metric performances achieved by the sales team for clients and sharing client stories to provide context and create a stronger narrative, the content becomes more relatable. This type of trigger content makes it easier to drive traffic to the SaaS website because readers are naturally inclined to learn more about the product. Many SaaS websites primarily emphasize features, but it's important to highlight the benefits as well. Instead of solely targeting the top of the funnel, it can be more effective and efficient to uncover these benefits through actual conversations with the in-house team.

    Joyce Tsang
    Joyce TsangContent Marketer and Founder, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing

    Craft In-Depth Solution Guides

    One effective content-marketing tactic for our SaaS platform was creating in-depth and helpful blog posts. We focused on addressing common challenges our target audience faced and provided practical solutions. For instance, we crafted a detailed guide on how to streamline workflow using our software, incorporating user-friendly language and visuals. We also promoted the content through social media and email newsletters to reach our audience where they were most active. Additionally, we engaged in guest blogging on relevant industry websites to expand our reach. The key was to offer valuable insights, position our SaaS platform as a solution, and make it easy for users to find and understand the benefits. This approach significantly increased traffic to our platform, as users appreciated the informative content and saw our software as a valuable tool for their needs.

    Divya Ghughatyal
    Divya GhughatyalDigital Marketing Specialist, Gleantap

    Educate with 'No-Sale' Content

    One example of a content marketing tactic that can drive substantial traffic to SaaS platforms is the 'No-Sale' technique. The purpose of content isn't to sell your brand or the product; instead, it should focus on educating the readers about what your brand or service range can offer.

    What most brands do is focus on the promotion part of the content. However, content marketing is a demand-generation strategy for SaaS platforms. Great content should drive the audience to be more interested, curious, and engaged. So, if the copywriters or content writers create educational and informative content instead of promotional copies, your customers can associate your brand with something positive and offer an enriching experience.

    Instead of the same-old information available on search engines or robotic content offered by AI tools, tell a good story and expand your content offerings with value-added perspectives from industry experts and guest bloggers. This will help you position your brand as a thought leader, get traction from social sharing, and expand your reader base.

    Ritika Murkya
    Ritika MurkyaExecutive Assistant, eResource Scheduler

    Boost Traffic via Guest Blogging

    For a SaaS client, we implemented a comprehensive guest-blogging strategy that significantly boosted traffic to their platform. We identified and collaborated with influential blogs and websites within the client's niche, offering to create high-quality, informative content that included subtle mentions and backlinks to our client's SaaS platform. This not only provided valuable content for the host websites but also exposed our client to a wider, highly targeted audience. Each piece was meticulously researched and tailored to the interests of the host site's readership, ensuring it was both engaging and contextually relevant. The backlinks from these reputable sites improved our client's search engine rankings, driving a noticeable increase in organic traffic. Additionally, these guest posts enhanced the brand's credibility and authority in its field, leading to a higher conversion rate. This tactic was particularly effective because it leveraged existing audiences and trusted voices in the industry, providing a substantial boost to our client's visibility and user base.

    Bhavik Sarkhedi
    Bhavik SarkhediGrowth Head & CMO, Content Whale

    Target Emerging Keywords

    Two words: emerging keywords. Everyone understands the importance of SEO, but we typically start by looking for keywords with a high but attainable MSV. This is a tried-and-true best practice, but it can take a long time to see results.

    A faster way to rank is to find emerging keywords that your competitors haven't targeted yet. These may have low (or even zero) MSV, but the niche is growing—and without competition, your content can shoot to the top of the SERP in no time.

    You can find emerging keywords by immersing yourself in the spaces your ICP spends time, like subject-specific resource organizations, trade publications, message boards, industry-specific Slack groups, and social media communities. Look for recurring themes that don't often appear on SERPs, and target those keywords to capitalize on these emerging trends.

    Kiera Blessing
    Kiera BlessingSr. Content Marketing Manager, Finch

    Highlight Customer Success Stories

    2023 saw TrackingMore receive record traffic numbers, thanks to a tweak in our content marketing strategy: writing and sharing case studies and educational blog posts. Our target audience was deeply interested in how our tracking solutions could help their businesses by reading more about how they helped similar organizations solve their tracking issues. Furthermore, our educational blog posts broadened their knowledge and positioned TrackingMore as the go-to platform for education on everything from logistics and supply chain management to e-commerce and shipment tracking.

    Clooney Wang
    Clooney WangCEO, TrackingMore