How do SaaS Product Managers Gather User Feedback for New Features?

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    How do SaaS Product Managers Gather User Feedback for New Features?

    SaaS Product Managers are at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking user input to refine and enhance their offerings. An Executive in Product Development starts us off with the strategic use of in-app feedback forms, while we also explore additional answers, including the use of email questionnaires, to paint a full picture of effective user feedback methods. These insights, from structured A/B testing to the analysis of in-platform user behavior, underscore the diverse tactics employed to ensure new features meet user needs.

    • Implement In-App Feedback Forms
    • Conduct Targeted Online Surveys
    • Utilize A/B Testing for Feedback
    • Analyze In-Platform User Behavior
    • Engage Users with Social Media Polls
    • Gather Insights via Email Questionnaires

    Implement In-App Feedback Forms

    An in-app feedback form is one efficient strategy we used to get user feedback. We recently released a feature that had not been extensively tested. After the release, we added a feedback mechanism right into the application. The feedback button was deliberately positioned below the call to action to encourage responses. This worked incredibly well for pinpointing our users' areas of concern. Users used the simple blank space for feedback to give insightful ideas and recommendations. This helped us enhance the user experience of the feature and advance the product as a whole.

    Swarnava Mukherjee
    Swarnava MukherjeeExecutive - Product Development

    Conduct Targeted Online Surveys

    SaaS product managers often use online surveys to gather insights from users about potential new features. These surveys are carefully designed to target specific user groups that are most likely to provide valuable feedback. By analyzing responses, managers can identify patterns and preferences which inform their product development strategies.

    These insights are critical in ensuring that the new features align closely with user needs and expectations. To gain deeper understanding of how new features may resonate with your user base, consider conducting an online survey.

    Utilize A/B Testing for Feedback

    Another method involves conducting A/B testing on various feature-specific user interfaces. This technique allows product managers to present two different versions of a feature to different segments of their user base. The performance and user engagement with each version is closely monitored to determine which one is more favorable.

    This empirical approach provides concrete data on user preferences and helps in making informed decisions about feature implementation. If you’re looking to optimize new features effectively, start implementing A/B testing to see what works best for your users.

    Analyze In-Platform User Behavior

    Product managers also rely on in-platform analytics to observe and analyze how users interact with their software. This method involves tracking clicks, navigation patterns, and time spent on specific features. By understanding user behavior within the platform, managers can make educated guesses about what features may need adjustments or which new ones might be well-received.

    This approach offers a behind-the-scenes look at user preferences without direct interaction. Explore your platform’s analytics to uncover actionable insights about feature development.

    Engage Users with Social Media Polls

    Social media provides a dynamic arena for engaging users with polls about new features. By leveraging social media platforms, product managers can connect with a large and diverse user base, gauging interest and collecting opinions on feature ideas. This method offers immediate feedback and fosters a sense of community involvement among users.

    Additionally, it can spark public conversations that provide further insight into user preferences. To tap into the pulse of your user community, start a social media poll about your next feature idea.

    Gather Insights via Email Questionnaires

    Direct outreach through email questionnaires is a personalized approach adopted by product managers to understand user needs. Emails allow for direct communication with users, where they can provide detailed feedback on what they want to see in future updates. This method ensures that feedback is thoughtful and not rushed, as users can respond at their convenience.

    Moreover, it shows users that their opinions are valued and taken seriously by the product team. Send out a thoughtful email questionnaire to your users and invite them to share their ideas for new features.